The Rogue Codewright ~ July 3, 2013

I’ve wanted to get a blog going for awhile. Every so often (more so recently), I have an idea or solve a technical problem and wish I had somewhere to put it. These are mostly incredibly specific to my own projects, and I don’t want to forget how I solved a particular problem when I run into it again.

So, here we are. I might write about some personal stuff, I will definitely write about technical stuff. If I do end up including non-technical stuff, I’ll at least separate it using tags, and possibly go further and do separate RSS feeds for the different blog types. For now, I’m not worried about that.

A little additional background: My wife Krysta Curtis and I just started a new independant game studio, Plixl. We’re working on our first game, a hidden object game for Facebook and mobile. I’m sure I’ll be talking about the particular game more soon.

The technology stack for our game is pretty settled now. We’re using Photoshop and Flash to create the individual levels, using the open source library Flump to get the levels importable by a Starling/Stage3D runtime. Adobe AIR is used to build an iOS package. Game UI is done in flump, and basic runloop management is handled with Flashbang-starling. Game data is edited in Google Drive spreadsheets, which are read and parsed into JSON. That JSON is stored in Amazon S3, along with the Flump level output for fast client downloads. Finally, the little bit of user account management that is needed is handled via a JSON REST service in Java Servlets.

I outlined those bits because the bulk of my blog posts for the next couple of months at least will be directly related to something in that stack. We’ll see where it goes from there!

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